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No one could have manage to escape the movie TRON: Legacy , which was released in the cinemas early in 2010?
Daft Punk did an excellent job of composing a soundtrack and without it the move would not be the same.
The songs below are in a chronological order and I tried to reduce the amount to keep the best ones and exclude soundtracks that are like mood enhancers. Yet it became as many as 17 soundtracks.


I would like to quote a text from one I have found written in April this year (2016) which touched me about how much the soundtrack meant for him before his hearing loss became total. Vill gärna citera en text från en jag hittade skriven kring april i år (2016) som berörde mig hur mycket filmmusiken betydde för just honom innan hans hörsel sakta men säkert blev totalt nedsatt.

I went deaf a few years ago but thank god, I could still hear when the 2010 Tron: Legacy was released! I knew at the time I would be deaf in the coming years and I also sadly knew that if or when another one would be released, I would never hear the beautiful soundtrack to that movie! So, since seeing the 2010 Tron: Legacy movie and after hearing that soundtrack, I can only imagine the beautiful soundtrack that plays with this awesome and one of a kind, Fan Made Trailer!

The idea you've implemented here of a laser beam type of gun that is connected to the TRON network that has the power and capabilities of taking life from there and releasing it in the real life, is a wonderful idea and it really saddens me that Disney decided to pull the plug on development of making a true Tron: Destiny.

Perhaps, someday, just someday, a passionate director will bring the TRON world to the big screen once again.

Abalam Anderson