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Before Eurovision 2017
How were the others?

Before Eurovision 2017

Yes, what were the other songs like that did not get the chance to represent their nation in Eurovision 2017?

It is very difficult to first find and then try to listen to all contributions as well as know the songs results. It was already exhaustive to go through the neighbour countries by first knowing which channel was broadcasting and what the competition is called.
But this year I found Schlagerpinglan who has done a solid job of compiling all contributions from all countries on its blog.

This year, it is therefore a premiere for having succeeded in listening to all official contributions from all countries that had an election.
Instead of just listing to ever last one of them, I've collected the best, or inferior, listenable contributions according to my subjective judgment.
There are some contributions that I call bonus contributions that I may not think are really good, but they can excel in such a way so it's fun to just watch / listen to it.

No winning contributions representing their nation will be listed here. Maybe after May 11 when Eurovision is over for this year.


The most surprising country was Romania with its 72 auditions. It took the longest time to listen to all but it also shown that it had the most number of good songs per country
Lithuania had the most comprehensive election with the most split competitions in a total of 10 shows with 49 contestants. All 49 contestants were first split into the shows 1 to 4 and had to advance further up.
Iceland was the only country that had two versions of its music, one in local language and an English version.

  • A total of 43 nations, of which 25 nations with national election and 18 nations had an internal election
  • Listed a total of 308 songs
  • 5 nations which, according to me, did not have a single good contribution