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I, and probably many like me, have long thought that soundtracks have a large influence on the movies. Had also thought about collecting the best soundtracks from movies but sometimes it's a little boring to not see the scene where the soundtrack was played. Otherwise it may have a much stronger connection in a way. The movies with music that has touched me the most is Rocky, Rambo and some older martial arts movies like Bloodsport and kickboxer. But, when I saw Tron: Legacy at the cinema, I was totally amazed at the soundtrack Daft Punk has composed together, what I would like to say to be the milestone for the emergence of a category dedicated to soundtracks. It does not prevent, however,  to slip in some TV series aswell.

There are, of course, already some videos on Youtube for example, playing soundtrack from the movies, but have never seen where the soundtrack gives priority over the speech and sound effects. Therefore, the idea here is to fix movies with soundtracks from the specific scenes and really hear the music in higher quality without being disturbed by either speech or other sound effects.