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Finally my website is ready to publish ... again!
At least the design feels complete, especially the evening theme.
Right now it's a little desolated on this site but there will be more! Was going to start adding up the pictures and then some other things.

Had actually my first own website online in 2006 when I found a very cheap web hosting. Everything worked super until the second year I wanted to extend the subscription just like usual. The web hotel host probably had unusual hassle and couldn´t get in contact with them. Even though I had paid for my domain an extra year to 2008 did something go wrong and my domain name thus became blocked.

I wasn´t very keen on paying 170 dollars to unlock it so I was hoping to be able to buy the domain name again once it became open for registration, but no. It was here I lost my domain name which was purchased as soon as it became available for registration again. Was hoping I would be the only one waiting but it turned out to be simply impossible because used domains which expires and had any traffic were to be bought up automatically .... How would I know that there were so-called "bots" that run 24 hours a day and buy used domains, to create a simple linkfarm page and trying to take advantage of my previous traffic to generate money on their click ads! But now the domain name is my again, and only mine.

Below is a list how my old pages looked like. Some information and pictures may be missing and there are certainly some broken links that I am not bothered to solve in the near future.

v. 1.3 -the content itself was opened in a new window. The design of the earlier versions were created in tables around in 2004, but the appearance was not opposed to this. Further at hand a few years later with more knowledge I replaced the tables with CSS based layout.

v.2 -Ditched the small window and began to integrate php codes and snippets more and more.