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Before Eurovision 2019
How were the others?

Laddar ESC logo...

Yes, what were the other songs like who did not get the chance to represent their nation in Eurovision 2019?

Thanks once again to Schlagerpinglan who has done ett tremendous work to compile all applicants from every country.

Instead of just listing all the applicants who tried to reach ESC 2019 straight up and down I have focused on the best, or at least the good sounding ones, according to my subjective ear. 
This year I have only noticed one odd applicant that I call Bonus, which I might not particular think is good by any means but it stands out in a way that may be fun to just watch/listen at it.

The order is listed according to dates of anouncement for every country's official selected applicant to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest.


  • Total 41 nations where as 26 nations had good applicants worth listing.
  • 15 nations had internal selections whereas 2 of these made a good choice.
  • Totally listened through 448 applicants.

Italy hade the most accessible applicants with 24 finalists plus 69 auditions where 13 of these was not on Youtube.
Had the most applicants by 49 where as 12 (24,5%) had the honour to place in my list which outclass all the other countries in amount of good songs. Next to most was Latvia with 33 applicants but only 5 (15,2%) were good.
Lithuania had the most rounds with 4 heats, 2 semi-finals och 1 final.
Iceland was once again the only nation where the applicants also had an english version besides in its native language, except for one song.
Spain was otherwise the only country singing in its native language
Albania was the only country which had live instruments. Second evening the Music was prerecorded from the studio but during the first evening and in the finals it was played with live instruments on stage which mostly had nicer and more dynamic sound, often with sweet details from a specific instrument that was not in the studio version.