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Before Eurovision 2018
How were the others?

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Yes, what were the other songs like who did not get the chance to represent their nation in Eurovision 2016?

Thanks once again to Schlagerpinglan who has done ett tremendous work to compile all applicants from every country.

Now is a new year, 2019, and soon time for a new Eurovision. But before that comes here a late produced list of 2018.

Instead of just list all the applicants straight up and down I have focused on the best, or at least the good sounding ones, according to my subjective ear. 
This year I have only noticed one odd applicant that I call Bonus, which I might not particular think is good by any means but it stands out in a way that may be fun to just watch/listen at it.

The order is listed according to dates of anouncement for every country's official selected applicant to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest.


Romania had the most applicants, allthough not as many as in 2017 but still 60 and 19 was honored to place in my neaty list which out class all the other countries in amount of good songs.
Lithuania had once again the most exhausted selection with most races. Whole 9 of them with 50 applicants.
Iceland was once again the only nation who also had an English version besides the one in native language, all but one. Unfortunately Iceland only had one good song.

  • Total 43 nations whereby 15 nations had no good contributions worth listing.
  • 15 nations had internal selection where as 7 of  these were not good.
  • Listened through total of 552 applicants.