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Before Eurovision 2016
How were the others?

Eurovision 2016

Yes, what were the other songs like who did not get the chance to represent their nation in Eurovision 2016?

Soon it is time for Eurovision Song Contest 2018, but before that I would like to be done with 2016. Trying to catch up the lost years.
Instead of just listing every single one, I have collected the best, or at least average contestants according to my subjective ears.
Otherwise I tend to include, what I call, bonus songs which may not be that good but the performance is somewhat spectacular so it would only be funny to listen/watch it. There wasn't any really much of those this year but the scene at the second Finnish contestant and the last Norwegian contestant in the list do quite qualify for bonus songs.

The winning participant which represents its nation in Eurovision has a heart shaped icon of its country flag.

The ordering is listed after date in which the country made its official announcement of the winner to participate in Eurovision.

So here you go and listen to many of the good ones you otherwise could have missed.


A big salute to Albania where all the contestants shared the same live orchestral band mixed with violins and guitars etc.

  • 43 nations in total are participating in the contest where 16 of them had internal selection.
  • 8 nations did not have one single good song where 7 of these had internal selection.
  • Listened through 447 songs in total.