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Amiga game from 1990
Composer: Chris Glaister

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Lost Patrol was a game I actually did not play but sometimes I watched when my brother did in my younger days. The game was interestingly enough best known for its background music which doesn't surprise me since there was occasions when I booted up the game purely for the sake of the music.

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It took only a few hours for Chris Glaister to compose the music, while it took three coders several of hours to complete the game. The soundtrack is awesome with a nice and soft waving melody which is dif fickle getting tired of.
This soundtrack was the first one I was thinking of when I had a nostalgia trip in 2011. But it wasn´t until later I discovered that there are remixed versions of Amiga game music which then later became to become my new collection.
Here you can read an interview with Chris Glaister who was only 16 years old when he composed the music for the game Lost Patrol.

Original soundtrack

Enjoy my selected favourite remixes below, mostly electronic trance-styles, and also a vocal one.

- Remix
  • Bgm Makke 3
  • Bgm Nautilus
  • Bgm Kjetiln
  • Bgm The Hooligan
  • Bgm Kjetiln
  • Bgm DJ Tom
  • Bgm Mister Ghostie
  • Bgm Adrian Everson
  • Bgm SkyMarshall Arts

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