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Amiga game from 1991
Composer: Barry Leitch

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Super Cars was a very popular racing game and something I played quite frequently, fun and entertaining seen from a bird-view perspective with the possibility to load an arsenal to your likings if you want to shoot your way on to the lead.
The soundtrack of the original Super Cars is quite disgraceful but in the sequal on the other hand, they got the soundtrack to be pitch-perfect. With better graphics it became even more popular. Both games in the series are included in the video playlist below just for comparison's sake.

Unfortunately, a better video with a longer Title and theme song could not be embeded . But here's the link anyway.


The soundtrack in Super Cars 2 have two different but awesome original styles. The title has an interesting fast tempo rock-style. It is alleged that Barry Leitch has only made one of the soundtracks, probably the title, but need to verify it.
Already at 16 years of age in 1986 Barry Leitch started composing music for Commodore 64 and produced hundreds since then, including Lotus Turbo Callenge 2 which I also will put up in the near future.
Unfortunately, the soundtrack in Super Cars 2 can only be heard in the intro and in the menu. It´s a bit pity I'd say beacuse it is this kind of music that goes really well while sitting in a race car equipped with missiles and being a constant moving target with the finnish flag at sight ... yea well, nothing I personally have any experience of but, you might imagine the feeling when you both watch the game and hear the music.

Barry Leitch himself, the composer of the game Super Cars 2, liked my little tweet already the day after - I feel honored!

* Uppdate October 2016
Recently discovered an entertaining podcast with two guys talking about retro music from video games. In this episode Barry Leitch himself is guesting. Barry is still active and recently composed soundtrack for the racing game Horizon Chase for iOS. They also talk about Super Cars 2 and Lotus 2 which is on queue for me to write an article about. It´s an interesting listening, especially with his nice scottish dialect.

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Original soundtrack

Enjoy my chosen favourite remixes below, styles with electronic rock, if one can describe it so. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be so many remixes at all, strangely enough.

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