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Amiga game from 1989.
Composer: Jason C. Brooke

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OutRun was a really popular car racing game for the Arcades in 1986 which became a big success and it was also released to all other platforms in the following year. In 1989 it was released on Amiga which was something I played ever so often.
Unfortunately, for Amiga sake, the game was poorly ported by US Gold. Eventhough Amiga with its 16-bits the graphics was bad. They even mixed up the soundtracks Passing Breeze and Magical Sound Shower. But most terrible was the audio in the forst 40 secs. I cannot imagine how what their brain activites were when they dicided to include a bad voiceover presenting US Gold from SEGA ackmpanied with a horrible orchestral sound which would suit well in a horror movie from the 20s. Well, yea. Listen for yourselves in the first video.
Megadrive is the console where the quality was closes to the Arcade version.


The Soundtrack really defines OutRun, a timeless classic with a kind of a Hawaii-style over it composed by Hiroshi Kawaguchi who also have composed music for the games Hang-On , After Burner and Virtua Fighter 3 amongst others. Magical Sound Shower is probablythe one that associates OutRun and then Passing Breeze and Splash Wave. There is a forth soundtrack, Last Wave, which is of no interest to me.The soundtracks for the Amiga are a bit shortened, especially the last two mentioned, where only the main melody is played.
Talking about the music for the Amiga version, that was the only successfull part from the port, thanks to Jason C. Brooke which I happpen to like more than the Arcad version, which is also good but a little too soft for my likings. Jeroen also composed for the C64 version.
Turbo Outrun which was released in North America in 1989 and in 1991 Europe got an own version which was named OutRun Europa. Allthough, these had very little do with Sega but the soundtrack for OutRun Europa for Commodore 64, also composed by Jeroen Tel, have some great tracks. There was another composer for the Amiga version which is not neccessary to bring up here.
I do not have so much to write about the composers. Don´t think I will list any more games which they have composed for. But there will be more from Jeroen Tel.


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Interesting quick facts:

OutRun made history by being the first game to let the player pick a radio station to listen to. When you deposit a credit, the game lets you use the steering wheel to choose one of three songs on the virtual car stereo to play in the background. When the game was released for the home consoles it also arrived with a casette tape with the soundtracks.

OutRun was the best selling arcade game of 1986, with over 20,000 cabinets sold worldwide within a year. It sold 30,000 arcade cabinets worldwide by 1993.

It is said that the creator Yu Suzuki got the idea for producing OutRun from the 1981 film The Cannonball Run.