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Demoscene from 1991
Composer: 4-Mat

Anarchy Menu 1 I first discovered as a cracktro for the Amiga game Cannon Fodder 2 (1994). Real good music and it often happened that I just listened to it for a while before I continued to boot up the game. The same cracktro is also available to Theme Park (1994), together with14 other games as well as 4 other independent intros to Amiga.

Anarchy Menu 1 is the first in the series of 18. The music was created in 1991 by Matthew Simmonds (4-Mat) but was first used as an intro music to packdisk Benson Pack 62 in the year after.
Matthew is still active with music and has its own official website and Facebook.
The demo group Paradox also has its own Facebook page, which even today is still active. They posted the old goldie again in 2010. It is a classic for me as well and is now stored in my archive. The remix of daXX is once again a masterpiece.

Original soundtrack

Enjoy my chosen favourite remixes below, mostly trance-style.

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