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What is actually back out on a smiley?

Here you have the chance to see the understated secret

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Interesting milestones:

  • 1964 Harvey Ross Ball spent about 10 minutes designing the smiley face for his client, an insurance company, and he was paid $45 which was his only profit from his creation. The smiley face was never copyrighted nor trademarked.
  • 1970 Bernard and Murray Spain added the words "Have a nice day," to the smiley face.
  • 1971 At its peak of popularity, more than 50 million Smiley Face buttons were sold.
  • 1999 United States Postal Service unveiled the Smiley Face Stamp.
  • 1999 First World Smile Day held.
  • 2001 The death of Harvey Ross Ball at the age of 79.