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A little ninja with a sword and memory loss, what can ever go wrong?

Ninjai: The Little Ninja 12 eposides

Ninjai: The Little Ninja is a fascinated series where the plot is centered around a young ninja who are searching for his identity, and in his path he meets different characters who either want him hurt or want to give a helping hand. Black humor mixed with a little blood.

Do not remember when Ninjai was created, but it was at the beginning of the 21st century. In 2001, probably. These short films are now hard to find and it was rumored to be a closed chapter after the 12th and final episode.

The creators, the Ninjai Gang Productions, however, are not lazy as they are active in creating a feature film with nicer style based on the same character with the help of financing from the Kickstarter project. The hopes were that it would be released as early as 2015, so don't hold your breath. See teaser at the bottom of the page.


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Did you become excited by the trailer? Unfortunately the production team doesn´t want the old series to be hosted on a third party server. So to respect their request these are removed as on 2020-10-01

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Teaser on the next feature film which was hoped to be finished in 2015.
Visit for up-to-date information.

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